100+ Mid-Autumn Moon Festival wishes and messages

The Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, known as Zhongqiu Jie (中秋节) in Mandarin, is also referred to as the Mooncake Festival or the Moon Festival. As the second most significant celebration in China following the Chinese New Year, the Mid-Autumn Festival is recognized as an official public holiday. In the year 2023, this festival is scheduled for September 29th, closely aligning with China’s National Day on October 1st. Consequently, residents of Mainland China will enjoy an extended 8-day public holiday, spanning from September 29th to October 6th. Here are 100 quotes related to the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival:

Mid Autumn moon cake Festival wishes

  1. As the full moon graces the sky, may your life be illuminated with happiness and prosperity. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!
  2. Gather under the moonlight, and let the beauty of this festival fill your hearts with joy and togetherness.
  3. Wishing you a night filled with mooncakes, lanterns, and cherished moments with loved ones. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!
  4. May the round moon bring you a round of happiness, success, and good fortune.
  5. On this special night, may your wishes rise higher than the lanterns and come true with each passing year.
  6. May your life be as sweet and fulfilling as the delicious mooncakes we enjoy during this festival.
  7. Sending you warm moonlight hugs and best wishes for a wonderful Mid-Autumn Festival.
  8. May your family’s love and unity shine as brightly as the full moon on this auspicious occasion.
  9. Like the stars that twinkle in the night sky, may your dreams and aspirations shine brightly.
  10. As you gaze at the moon, may you find peace and serenity in your heart. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!
  11. Let the moonlight guide you to new beginnings and opportunities in the year ahead.
  12. May the lanterns of your life glow with happiness and prosperity on this Mid-Autumn Festival.
  13. Wishing you a harvest of good health, happiness, and success in all your endeavors.
  14. May the moonlight fill your life with the magic of love and the joy of family.
  15. Just as the moon never fails to rise, may your fortunes never cease to rise as well.
  16. May your Mid-Autumn Festival be filled with laughter, love, and unforgettable memories.
  17. Sending you my warmest wishes for a peaceful and blessed Mid-Autumn Festival.
  18. May the moon bring you clarity, the lanterns bring you light, and this festival bring you happiness.
  19. On this special night, may the moon bless you with good luck and prosperity in abundance.
  20. May your life be as colorful and bright as the lanterns that light up the night sky.
  21. As you enjoy mooncakes and tea, may your heart be filled with the sweetness of love and togetherness.
  22. Let the moonlight remind you of the beauty of life and the importance of cherishing every moment.
  23. May your family be your guiding light, just as the moon guides us through the night.
  24. Wishing you a Mid-Autumn Festival filled with love, laughter, and beautiful memories.
  25. May your dreams soar as high as the lanterns in the sky and shine as brightly as the moon.
  26. On this auspicious occasion, may your life be as complete and round as the full moon.
  27. May the moon’s gentle glow bring peace and tranquility to your heart and home.
  28. Sending you warm wishes for a bountiful harvest of happiness and success.
  29. May the moonlight inspire you to reach for the stars and achieve your dreams.
  30. As you admire the moon, may you be reminded of the beauty and wonder of life.
  31. On this Mid-Autumn Festival, may your bonds with family and friends grow stronger than ever.
  32. May the lanterns of hope and love shine brightly in your life, guiding you to happiness.
  33. Like the full moon, may your life be radiant and full of positivity.
  34. Wishing you a festival filled with joy, laughter, and delicious mooncakes.
  35. May the beauty of this festival fill your heart with warmth and happiness.
  36. May the moonlight bring you peace, and the lanterns bring you joy.
  37. Let the moon’s reflection on water remind you of the beauty in life’s simplicity.
  38. May your Mid-Autumn Festival be as delightful as the fragrance of freshly baked mooncakes.
  39. As the moon rises high, may your spirits rise even higher with hope and positivity.
  40. May the lanterns of this festival light up your life with love, laughter, and happiness.
  41. On this special night, may your heart be as light as a lantern and as bright as the moon.
  42. Wishing you a beautiful Mid-Autumn Festival filled with love, warmth, and togetherness.
  43. May your life be as sweet and satisfying as the mooncakes we share during this festival.
  44. As the moon shines, may it bring clarity and wisdom to your decisions and actions.
  45. May the lanterns of this festival brighten your path and lead you to success and happiness.
  46. Like the moon, may you radiate light and positivity wherever you go.
  47. Sending you heartfelt wishes for a memorable and joyful Mid-Autumn Festival.
  48. May the moonlight fill your heart with peace, and the lanterns light up your life with joy.
  49. May your family’s love be the lantern that guides you through the darkness of life.
  50. On this Mid-Autumn Festival, may all your dreams take flight and reach new heights.

Mid-Autumn Festival messages in Mandarin

  1. 中秋佳节,愿你团圆幸福,月圆人更圆。
  2. 月到中秋分外明,祝你中秋快乐,团聚愉快。
  3. 一轮明月送来问候,祝福你事事如意。
  4. 月亮高挂,思念之情更浓。中秋快乐!
  5. 祝你的生活像中秋的月亮一样圆满和美好。
  6. 月圆人团圆,祝你中秋幸福美满。
  7. 愿这轮明月照亮你的梦想,引领你的前程。
  8. 中秋夜,星光闪烁,幸福如潮涌。
  9. 月儿圆圆,幸福圆满,中秋快乐!
  10. 愿你的生活充满温馨和爱,就像中秋的月光一样美好。
  11. 银色的月光,如同我们的友情,永不褪色。
  12. 中秋佳节,带着美好的祝愿,愿你快乐幸福。
  13. 愿你在中秋的月光下找到属于自己的幸福。
  14. 月圆人团圆,中秋快乐,幸福围绕。
  15. 送上一轮明月,愿你的生活充满希望和快乐。
  16. 中秋之夜,思念之情如潮,祝你幸福安康。
  17. 月圆如梦,愿你的梦想成真,中秋快乐!
  18. 愿这轮明月为你照亮前程,带来好运和快乐。
  19. 月圆团圆,中秋快乐,幸福无边。
  20. 愿你的生活像这轮明月一样圆满和幸福。
  21. 中秋之夜,愿幸福的光芒永远照亮你的道路。
  22. 愿你的梦想如同满月一样圆满和美好。
  23. 送上一轮明月,愿你的生活充满快乐和爱。
  24. 中秋佳节,团聚之时,祝福你幸福美满。
  25. 月到中秋分外明,愿你的未来一片光明。
  26. 愿你的生活充满喜悦和欢笑,如同这明亮的月光。
  27. 中秋之夜,愿幸福如月光一样温暖。
  28. 送上一轮明月,愿你的生活充满希望和幸福。
  29. 中秋佳节,愿你和家人团聚欢乐,幸福无限。
  30. 月圆人团圆,中秋快乐,幸福永远。
  31. 愿你的未来像中秋的明月一样光明灿烂。
  32. 中秋之夜,星光璀璨,幸福美满。
  33. 月光如水,愿幸福如梦,中秋快乐!
  34. 中秋佳节,送上我最美好的祝愿,愿你幸福美满。
  35. 月到中秋,团圆更幸福。中秋快乐!
  36. 月儿圆圆,家人团聚,幸福满满。
  37. 愿你的生活像这明亮的月光一样,充满希望和温馨。
  38. 中秋佳节,送上我最诚挚的祝愿,幸福永远伴随。
  39. 月亮高挂,祝福满怀,中秋快乐,幸福无边。
  40. 愿你的生活如同中秋的明月,圆满幸福。
  41. 月圆如梦,愿你的梦想成真,中秋快乐!
  42. 中秋佳节,带着美好的祝愿,愿你快乐幸福。
  43. 愿这轮明月为你照亮前程,带来好运和快乐。
  44. 中秋之夜,思念之情如潮,祝你幸福安康。
  45. 月圆团圆,中秋快乐,幸福无边。
  46. 愿你的生活像这轮明月一样圆满和幸福。
  47. 中秋之夜,愿幸福的光芒永远照亮你的道路。
  48. 愿你的梦想如同满月一样圆满和美好。
  49. 送上一轮明月,愿你的生活充满快乐和爱。
  50. 中秋佳节,团聚之时,祝福你幸福美满。
  51. 月到中秋分外明,愿你的未来一片光明。

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